Guardian Angel
UI/UX Design


Optimize the UX/UI of the onboarding process once the user completes the Bow quiz to increase the conversion rate for Guardian Angel services and reduce bounce rate.

Project background and description

At Guardian Angel, the Bow quiz offers the lowest cost per registered account, and they’ve noticed that many users tend to leave the platform after completing the quiz. The main goal is to seamlessly transition Bow quiz users into becoming customers for Guardian Angel’s core products, which include wills, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), and life insurance.

Guardian Angel is looking to optimise the UI/UX of the  onboarding process and a post-quiz dashboard/page that engages users immediately after they finish the Bow quiz.

The primary objective is to encourage them to purchase Guardian Angel main products. While they also have estate sales people as part of their team, they want  to focus on creating a holistic digital experience that maximizes conversions and enhances user engagement.

The design should engage users, provide relevant information, and make the process of purchasing Guardian Angel products both straightforward and appealing. Additionally, it’s essential to maintain Guardian Angel commitment to facilitating interactions with the estate sales team. 


Guardian Angel USPs:

Guardian Angel’s USPs includes the following key elements:

One-stop-shop: This is a unique feature that sets them apart. The convenience of having all the necessary services and support related to planning ahead and bereavement support in one place can save customers time, money, and effort. It simplifies the process and reduces the need to engage with multiple providers.

On-hand expert support: Guardian Angel offers personalized, jargon-free support from their friendly team. This implies a high level of customer service and assistance, which can be a unique and valuable selling point in the often emotionally challenging context of bereavement and end-of-life planning.


Guardian Angel User Personas

  • Age: 45
  • Background: Recently lost his spouse
  • Pain Points: Overwhelmed by the paperwork, legal processes, and funeral arrangements after the loss. Looking for guidance and support during a difficult time.
  • Age: 36
  • Background: Professional funeral planner
  • Pain Points: Interested in efficient tools to streamline her services and provide a better experience for grieving families.
  • Age: 35
  • Background: Financial advisor
  • Pain Points: Seeks a platform that simplifies the process of advising clients on estate planning and inheritance matters.
  • Age: 40
  • Background: Caring for aging parents
  • Pain Points: Needs assistance in understanding and managing the financial and legal aspects of caring for elderly parents and their end-of-life planning.

Personas are fictional characters created through research to represent several user types who might engage with Guardian Angel service, product, website, or brand in similar ways. Creating personas help gain insights into Guardian Angel users’ needs, behaviours, experiences, and objectives. It encourages you to shift your perspective and recognize that diverse individuals have distinct expectations and requirements, allowing you to empathize with the user you’re designing for. Personas simplify the design process, guide your brainstorming, and facilitate the creation of a positive user experience for the target audience.

These personas serve as meaningful archetypes that you can utilize to evaluate your design progress. Building personas helps you formulate the right questions and address them in a manner aligned with the specific user groups you are designing for.


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