Hola! I’m Myriam 👋

I am a UI/UX designer based in London, with a passion for telling stories, designing across multiple platforms, and translating user problems into meaningful design.

With over 10 years of experience in designing value-focused end-to-end digital solutions and having worked at multiple global organizations across a wide range of industries, including outdoor advertising, publishing, enterprise SaaS, financial services and e-commerce, I have acquired the knowledge and expertise necessary to deliver successful projects.

My focus is on developing sound digital solutions that increase conversions for businesses through optimized user experiences.

The final result is important, but the process of getting there is the magical part for me. The essence of creating is seeing something and being able to make it better, or thinking of something and having the ability to bring it to fruition. In a creative world, there’s never boredom; there’s always something to strive for, to make it more practical, more intuitive, or even more beautiful.

🪄 Design Process
This is the process I follow in my work. I immerse myself in the entire design process, actively engaging with users to understand their needs and frustrations. This holistic approach allows me to identify and implement optimal solutions, ensuring effective problem-solving with a user-centric focus.
📫Let's work together
Welcome to my online portfolio. I will continue to add new projects in the future, as well as any further developed versions of these. If you want to get in touch for any reason, feel free to email me.

Let’s work together

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Connect with me on LinkedIn, email me at info@myriammartindigital.com or send a message below.

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