Myriam Martin

Senior UI/UX designer

Creating engaging digital products and user-centred design solutions



"Myriam worked for us for over a year, covering an employee who was off on long-term sick leave. She hit the ground running and contributed enormously across this time, working on some of our biggest and most high profile design and online projects. She's creative, hard-working, and great fun socially. I'd be delighted to have her back in my team should a full-time vacancy arise in the future."
Steve Cox

Director of Marketing at JCDecaux

"Myriam is a real asset to a design team. She's hard-working, creative and always eager to contribute new ideas to the team. During her time at JCDecaux Airport, Myriam worked on a number of key projects, all of which were delivered on time and to an excellent standard. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."
Anna Frodsham

Creative Communications Manager, JCDecaux

"Myriam worked on a few of our biggest projects over 2013/14. She was integral in developing web sites and other forms of e-marketing for these projects and delivered these within the deadline period and to a high standard while also contributing to day to day design work. I would definitely recommend Myriam."
Thomas Holmes

Design Manager Agency & Partner at JCDecaux

"I’ve always put a premium on hard work among my team members and Myriam never failed to deliver. Myriam is a delight to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again."
Kevin De Souza

Creative Director, Digital at Mail Metro Media

"Myriam is talented and hardworking. I had the pleasure of working with her for over a year, and during that time was struck by her attention to detail, high-quality output and excellent attitude. She is an asset to any team, providing a creative and original point of view which comes through in all her work. "
Jessica Harriott-Kerr

Creative Project Manager at MailOnline

"I had the privilege of collaborating with Myriam at AXA IM, where her design and frontend expertise truly shone. She is a senior UI/UX designer with a remarkable talent for user-centric design. Myriam consistently delivered high-quality work, demonstrating a rare combination of creativity and analytical thinking. "
Htat Naing

Senior Developer at AXA IM

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