Mulberry is proud to be the largest manufacturer of luxury leather goods in the United Kingdom. With over 120 stores throughout the UK and all over the world including Europe, the US, Australia and Asia.

Mulberry Mobile Rich Media Interstitial Gallery is a rich and immersive brand experience and an effective way to showcase, add product details and shopping links to the e-commerce website. With the most flattering and comprehensive showcase of their collection, it’s easier than ever to browse and consider purchasing products related to the content they’re consuming.

UI Design, Celtra, Rich media
Digital Designer

Brief & idea

Rich media is a digital advertising term for an ad that includes advanced technology features like video, audio, or other elements. These features encourage viewers to interact instantly with the product and engage with the content.

This advertising format was chosen by Mulberry to launch their Christmas campaign. It is full-screen and covers the MailOnline app interface, which makes it both more appealing and more effective. In the mobile app, an interstitial ad appears before the main content loads, preventing users from reaching the main content and inviting them to browse.

Due to their high impression rates, click-through rates, and revenue, interstitial ads are one of the most popular mobile ad formats.

Campaign Objectives & KPIs

Campaign Timeline

Mulberry teamed up with luxury dog accessory specialist Mungo & Maud to create a new collection of colourful leather dog collars and leads, perfect Christmas gifts for every member of the family.

Mulberry User Flow - Sketch

Production phase

Based on the Better Ads Standards, I utilized the client’s existing creative assets as well as some updated ones developed specifically for this campaign. A formal review and approval by the client was followed by setting up the tracking parameters and uploading the creatives to the Adserver Platform.

Campaign performance was monitored and optimized following the launch of the format. We also implemented A/B testing to find the best performing creative and targeted the ads to the most relevant audience. Reports were generated at the end of the campaign, providing the client with detailed performance metrics, such as impressions, clicks, CTR, and cost per click.
Adobe XD Prototype:

Mulberry User Flow - Interactive Prototype

Mulberry - Preview in your device