Heathrow Terminal 2

A B2B digital platform was developed to address the needs and requirements of media planners and advertisers, and to present digital advertising solutions to potential customers.
JCDecaux is the global leader in outdoor advertising, dedicated to delivering the highest quality out-of-home advertising. As part of the newly refurbished terminal, JCDecaux Airport set out on a mission to make outdoor advertising appealing, engaging, and fun again. To help target Heathrow Airport’s 16 million affluent passengers travelling through Terminal 2, JCDecaux Airport has deployed five new luxury 80″ digital screens as part of its continued investment in DOOH.
UI Design, Front-end development, CMS WordPress
Digital Designer

Strategy planning

UI design

I designed a range of user flows, personas, and wireframes in order to properly plan and develop the website. This involved understanding the target audience, their needs, and preferences in order to design a website that would be intuitive and easy to use. We also used wireframes to create a visual representation of the website and user flows to ensure that the navigation was intuitive and easy to follow. All of these steps were taken to ensure that the website was properly planned and developed to meet the needs of our customers.


I developed it using WordPress, a popular content management system (CMS). WordPress provided the platform with a range of features, such as a custom post type, custom fields, and custom taxonomies. I also used a theme framework and a range of plugins to ensure that the website was optimized for speed and performance. Furthermore, the website was built using a mobile-first framework, ensuring that it was optimized for mobile devices.



Visual design

Internal and External ROI


Increase in sales

The web has enabled the sales team to reduce their time spent on manual tasks such as managing customer accounts and tracking campaign performance. This has allowed them to focus on creating and delivering campaigns that meet their clients’ needs and objectives. It also has enabled them to increase their reach, as they can now target customers at a much wider range of locations than before.


Furthermore, the insights provided by the platform have enabled them to make more informed decisions when it comes to targeting and optimization. These factors have all contributed to an increase in sales.


The websiste was developed to reduce the cost of providing training to new coworkers or clients. This was because the platform was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to quickly understand how to use it without needing extensive training. This helped reduce the cost of providing training to new users, as they quickly could get up to speed with the platform without needing extensive training.

Team reviews

What people say?

“The new Terminal 2 will deliver a range of fantastic advertising opportunities to engage an exclusive and influential passenger audience. We had expected considerable interest to be shown from the first day of trading, and have been delighted to see so many advertising partners willing to support the launch of this key media environment. The interaction between these platforms and the desirable audience will further enhance Heathrow's ability to deliver a world of advertising possibility."
Julie France
Managing Director of JCDecaux Airport
"The advertising proposition is an integral part of the Terminal 2 infrastructure. We’re delighted that so many blue chip clients have already chosen to invest their media budgets with us. With 16 million passengers passing through the terminal each year from 26 airlines, brands have a unique opportunity to communicate with customers from over 50 destinations.Terminal 2 is central to Heathrow's vision of 'Making every journey better.’

Nick Webb
Head of Advertising at Heathrow