Architas – AXA Group
UI/UX Design
Senior Digital Designer

Miro, Figma, Useberry, Hotjar, GA4, Notion


Architas is a global multi-manager offering investment management and advisory services to help individuals and institutions meet their financial goals. They manage EUR €29.2 billion across Europe and Asia, and believe in sensible risk management through diversification and monitoring. As a member of the AXA Group, they prioritize responsible investment and work closely with portfolio managers to ensure they meet their standards.

Project background and description

The Architas web-based client application is a platform designed to assist advisors, financial consultants, and account managers in managing their investment portfolios and achieving their financial objectives. This application serves as a central hub for clients to access their investment information, make informed decisions, and streamline the management of their portfolios.


The Problem

There are several challenges that significantly impact the user experience of Architas’ web portal dashboard. It is difficult for clients to effectively manage their investment portfolios and achieve their financial goals due to the lack of key features and user-centric approach. Users have difficulty managing their investments efficiently and reaching their financial goals as a result. Lack of intuitiveness, inefficient data presentation, and complex navigation make it difficult for users to navigate and access their investment portfolios.

Addressing these problems is critical to providing an efficient and user-friendly investment platform. A redesign should focus on a responsive, intuitive, and customizable interface, improved data visualization, access to educational resources, and proactive notifications. These enhancements can help users  manage their investments effectively, make informed decisions, and ultimately achieve their financial goals, in alignment with Architas’ mission of simplifying the investment experience.

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 Clients will have access to all the portfolios for which they are an owner, co-owner, or legal representative through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. To be able to manage their portfolios effectively and access the data they need, the portal should provide the following features: 

  • The dashboard page will show a general overview of all portfolios for which the user has a role, along with account name, account number, and account type. Users will get an overview of their portfolios, including their value, their asset allocation, detailed information about each portfolio, and their historical performance.
  • Each portfolio page will provide detailed information about the composition, transactions, and performance of each portfolio, including the value, asset class allocation, building blocks, and cash or securities accounts. Detailed breakdowns of bonds, asset classes, and alternative funds.
  • User-friendly search function: Users should be able to find information easily by using the search function.
  • Intuitive navigation system: An intuitive navigation system should be implemented to help users quickly find the areas of the portal they need.
  • A navigation system that is intuitive should be implemented to allow users to locate areas of the portal quickly.
  • The user should be notified about the latest developments in their portfolios through a notification system.
  • Help system: A help system should be provided to offer users a comprehensive guide to navigating the portal.
  • To ensure the privacy and security of users' data, security measures should be implemented. Security should be considered when designing the web portal, and access to sensitive information should be restricted according to user roles.
  • It is important that the web portal is responsive and accessible on all types of devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. The design should be consistent with the overall branding of the investment company.